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American Idol: The first singers sent home

Following a two consecutive nights of competition for 12 male and 12 female hopefuls and a call-in voter turnout of more than 28 million, the field of American Idol singers was narrowed to 20 during Thursday night’s Results Show.

Laden with foreshadowing, the Top 24 were introduced by Daughtry hit “What about now?” Two dozen Idol hopefuls held that as the night’s pervasive thought.

Then Colton Berry, JoAnne Borgella, Amy Davis and Garrett Haley had the dubious distinction of providing departing solos, as they earned the lowest scoring singers of their gender.

Berry, Davis and Haley were consistent choices among a wide range of Idol pundits. The departure of Borgella and the visit of “rock-n-roll nurse” Amanda Overmyer to the dismissal short list was a surprising one. Conspiracy theorists may view it as a production value Red Herring to confuse viewers and exaggerate the final choice.
“Idol” does not disclose full statistical information on weekly contestant rankings.

Perhaps the ‘Jersey native can find consolation in the introduction theme’s creator; a Season Five prospect relegated to a fourth place finish that bloomed into an award-winning artist.

One thing that seemed appropriate was this year’s departing tune, “Best Days” from Graham Colton. Its lyrics “Here comes the rest of our lives,” are a perfect retrospective glimpse before heading onto a different set of life opportunities and challenges.

The Top 10 men will perform on February 26 followed by the Top 10 ladies on February 27. The Results Show on February 28 will trim two singers of each gender. All three days start at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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