Shia LaBeouf arrested in Chicago drug store

After finally watching Disturbia and seeing what all the fuss what as about with the star-making turn of its star, Shia LaBeouf, imagine the surprise when the headlines Sunday morning seem to find life imitating art. LaBeouf was arrested Saturday for trespassing at a Walgreens Drug Store in Chicago.

The man has been quoted all summer talking about being the anti-Paris and Nicole legally, and how working with Stephen Spielberg on the new Indiana Jones movie has only heartened his commitment to maintaining a squeaky clean image. I guess that’s why he was at the Walgreens refusing to leave at 2:25 a.m. Saturday night arguing with security. When he was asked to exit the premises, he refused — and security called the cops.Shooting a film in Chicago, the actor has had no comment as yet for his indiscretion, but those words of him wanting to by a model citizen for his Tom Hanks-like image must be ringing in his head. “Perception sometimes is more important than performance,” LaBouf said in June.


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