Oasis lead singer ties the knot

Oasis has always had its share of personal issues to deal with — but Valentine’s Day 2008 was one of their best. Lead singer Liam Gallagher wed his girlfriend, Nicole Appleton, in a quiet ceremony in London yesterday.

Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton get marriedThe secret ceremony was so off the radar for the singer (who usually attracts the paparazzi) that his brother and band-mate Noel Gallagher was not in attendance.

Family that was there included Appleton’s sister Natalie and her own rock star hubby, The Prodigy’s Liam “Firestarter” Howlett.

An interesting little bit of trivia that obviously did not bother Appleton is that the Westminster Register Office in 1997 served as host to Liam’s wedding to “Lethal Weapon 2” star Patsy Kensit.

Liam and Nicole have been together for over eight years and have a seven year-old son, Gene, who stood by his dad’s side during the ceremony.

Congrats, mate!


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