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Jamie Spears retains Britney control

It must be true what they say about father knowing best. Britney Spears better hope so, because that is the situation for a little while longer.

Britney's family still knows bestWith the next hearing not scheduled until March 10, it appears Ms. Spears will be under the guardianship of her father Jamie Spears until at least that time. The elder Spears has had control over the singer’s health and financial wellness and despite her release from a hospital recently, Jamie is still the man when it comes to team “Britney.”

Superior Court judge Reva “what Reva wants, Reva” Goetz (wink to you Joe Pesci), declared that her order enacted earlier this month will stay current and additional requests were made and granted for Jamie.

Mr. Spears will not have control to oversee her taxes. Not that Britney needs more problems, but the IRS should not be on her list.

Also in court was Britney’s brother Bryan, who in the past has handled her affairs professionally. Insiders are saying that the family Spears want Bryan to repeat that role and by his presence in court today, he is up for the challenge. With “Gimme More” still jamming in the clubs, Britney’s got a career. But until her family/mental/child custody issues are resolved, it’s nice to know that someone who was in charge when she was the pop princess we boogied to has retained her professional sanity.

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