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Ear Candy Panics at the Disco

There is the pure song. Even within the dripping sonic succulence of Ear Candy’s weekly rundown, there are tracks that go beyond to another level of (Panic at the) Disco deliciousness.

Panic at the Disco have fashioned themselves a Beatles-sounding track that should prove to be their latest hit complete with its piano banging beginning. Its debut this week is a welcomed fresh breeze in a sea of nostalgia with Sunday’s Grammys.

“Nine in the Afternoon” takes the promise the band showcased on their last record and brings it to another level. Panic “Nine in the Afternoon” captures the spirit of soul gone wanderlust.

“When it’s nine in the afternoon,
You’re eyes are the size of the moon,
You could ’cause you can so you do,
We’re feeling so good just the way that we do when it’s nine in the afternoon.”

Want another Beatles connection? The song concludes in a very Sergeant Pepper way with its strings and horns ushering the close of a song that is so rich it recalls a certain piece of cake I enjoyed down the street from the Hamburg club where The Beatles began.

What Panic at the Disco has accomplished with “Nine in the Afternoon” is bring the chocolaty soaked goodness of the world’s finest chocolate through its levels of melodic layer cake.

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