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British film awards passed out in London

The British gave their version of the Oscars Sunday and the results should reinforce the status quo of who has been winning awards this season.

“Atonement” took the top prize at the BAFTA awards with Daniel Day Lewis portrayal of an oilman in “There Will Be Blood” earning him a top acting award. Lewis is the clear front runner to take the best actor category at this month’s Oscars.


With her stunning performance in “La Vie en Rose,” French force of nature Marion Cotillard took the best actress prize. Oscar favorites Joel and Ethan Coen continued their trip around the world collecting best director awards for their work with “No Country for Old Men.”

As expected, Javier Bardem added to his trophy case with his BAFTA award for best supporting actor.


And as she did at the Golden Globes, longtime acting favorite Tilda Swinton took home the prize for best supporting actress for her role opposite George Clooney in “Michael Clayton.”


The black-tie ceremony was held at London’s Royal Opera House with throngs of fans waiting outside to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars from “Atonement” star Keira Knightley to the actor who tied Harry Potter for most deafening screams, rising star award-winner Shia LaBoeuf.

As the Oscars approach, and you are thinking about your own person Oscar ballots, a heavy indication of what will happen at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood is a mirror image of what happened Sunday in London at this year’s BAFTAs.

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