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The Lost summary to help you get found

It is the most talked about season premiere of the television season and it only took until January to see it.

“Lost” has returned with its original fierceness in tact. The show that has captivated viewers for three seasons is back after a long layover. In the meantime, countless have asked about this show, yet felt shy about approaching a new program because of its continuous storyline nature.

Thursday at 9 p.m. the show returns after what may be one of the show’s best episodes ever with last Thursday’s premiere. If you missed the premiere, ABC has the show for free viewing.

To get you up to speed on the show’s here and nows, the following quick-step of summaries will get you found on “Lost.”

Lost: Season One

The passengers on Oceanic Flight 815 could not have imagined the fate awaiting them somewhere over the ocean. On their way to Los Angeles from Sydney, their aircraft would split apart sending passengers, luggage and the plane itself careening into a tropical island.

Immediately the attractive group of castaways noticed something special about their new home. First, there is some sort of monster running amuck in the jungle. Secondly, one survivor, John Locke, got on the airplane in a wheelchair and after awaking on the sand, stood up and walked. Third, as if surviving a plane crash wasn’t enough, it becomes clear they are not alone on the island and the other souls do not have good intentions.

Characters of note are Jack (the dashing doctor who becomes the leader), Sawyer (the bad boy with a heart of gold), and Kate who creators launch into an immediate love triangle with Jack and Sawyer.

Also demanding viewers attention are Claire and Charlie (a former rock star, no less!), a couple of Brits who bond over Claire’s expecting baby. Then there’s Hurley, the lovable big guy who, back in the real world, had won the lottery from a series of numbers he received from a fellow patient in a mental institution. The same numbers are littered throughout the island, including a mysterious hatch where the castaways have to enter Hurley’s numbers or the world will end. By the way, Hurley’s millions brought him nothing but misery at home including the death of family and friends.

Then there’s Walt and his dad. Kid has special powers, we don’t know why, and by the end of the season, “The Others” have kidnapped him. And let us not forget the most compelling of the crew, Sayed, a veteran of the first Gulf War as a member of the Iraqi Republican Guard.

Lost: Season Two

The mysterious “Others” reveal themselves through their eerie leader, Ben. Initially Ben is captured by the survivors only to be set free by a traitorous Oceanic passenger. As the two groups of island inhabitants’ fate begins to collide, the drama sparks to include back stories (a constant since the premiere) explaining why the main characters were on that Oceanic flight in the first place.

Lost: Season Three

Considered by many to be a weak excuse for a show of this quality, the entire season was saved by a two-hour season finale called “Beyond the Looking Glass, Part 1.” The season finale killed off a major character while eluding that the survivors may have discovered rescue. But at what cost? The May 2007 installment also introduced a new version of the “Lost” standard flashback. The story pulled a flash forward showing Jack and Kate safe and not-so-sound back in Los Angeles sometime in the future.

Lost: Season Four

The network smartly packaged the previous three seasons into a well-defined “Lost: Past, Present and Future” episode that caught up viewers in a little longer than it took you to read the above!

“The Beginning of the End” truly served as last Thursday’s premiere.

Along with SheKnows’ “Lost” lightning round plot round-up, you are ready to embrace the phenomenon that proves television is eclipsing film as the medium pushing viewers’ buttons.

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