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Today on TV: Wednesday

Let’s take a look at last night’s hits and what’s on the tube tonight!

“American Idol” made the final stop on their audition tour last night and it was a teary-eyed episode. I know this stuff makes good TV but man, I’d rather not have so much emotion all in one night! I will say that they had the most interesting lot of contestants, several diamonds in the rough and I’ll bet the winner is someone who they picked up last night.

It was “One Tree Hill” night but that’s on the DVR, will watch that this evening. I did check out part one of the two-part “Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” finale. As one of the models put it, Janice likes to create drama and this episode was a great example. While secretly looking to replace her current partner, Janice hauls the models to Miami for a job and a meet and greet. As much as Janice can be wild and unpredictable, I have to agree with her on her no drinking policy and I appreciate her getting tough on these young models who think they can break the rules. Carry around a soda if you feel you need to fit in but drinking at a party when you have a shoot the next day is insane, and this was a networking party so it was even more important that the models come off like pros.


Get an extra dose of Idol tonight as they present the best and the worst auditions.

ABC has new episodes of “Wife Swap” and “Supernanny. “

CBS starts with repeats with a comedy block followed by “Criminal Minds” then goes to a new “CSI NY” while NBC goes with repeats as well until 10 and ends with a new “Law & Order.”

On The CW it’s a NEW “America’s Next Top Model” with Tyra looking back at the highlights before the new season kicks off next week.


— MyNetworkTV has ordered up a sitcom starring Flavor Flav called “Under One Roof” about an ex-con who moves in with his rich brother and sister-in-law.  (Sounds like a grown-up version of “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”)

— NBC made good on their promise to go straight to series orders instead of pilots and ordered up 6 episodes of “Kath and Kim” starring Molly Shannon and Selma Blair. It’s based on an Aussie series about a mother and her self-absorbed daughter.

— On a personal note just for my friends in Australia, Supernatural star Jensen Ackles arrived in Sydney yesterday to begin a week’s promotional tour in the land down under.  I can hear the squeeing from here!

— On the strike front, TVGuide’s Ausiello has the lowdown on which shows won’t be returning even if the strike ends next week as anticipated.  It looks like “Friday Night Lights” is done for the season since Universal just announced the street date on the 15-episode DVD for Season Two.  Speak of FNL – keep watching here for news on an interview I have coming up soon with one of the pivotal women of the series.

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