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Dance goes country while Connor rocks

Last night it was a little bit country and a show that really rocked and rolled.

It was country music week on “Dance War” and since that’s my favorite kind of music, it was the best episode of the season! Taking a page from “Dancing With the Stars,” Taylor Swift performed her song, “Our Song”. And how small is this world?  Seems like one of the Dance War contestants was a Swift groupie whom Swift actually knew.

I went in rooting for Bruno’s team but they had some pitch issues in “Life is a Highway.” I did like the “Boots Are Made for Walking” number, but my favorite was the opening number with the pool table and cues. In the end it was Team Bruno who AGAIN had to send someone home. I just don’t get it.

After the country it was time for Heavy Metal — this week’s episode of “The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” This was a very simple story about tracking down and stopping a Terminator from stockpiling the metal needed to create more Terminators in the future. The tension level was high and Thomas Dekker really sold it as he had to spend a quarter of the episode delivering his role without lines. Creepy stuff, excellent show. I hope they get to film more episodes at some point because 9 is just not enough.


Political coverage takes up most of the primetime schedule tonight, but for those who want to see a different kind of voting there’s a new “American Idol” on Fox followed by an all-new “House.” Over on The CW, Peyton has trouble at the record label on “One Tree Hill.”  Janice Dickinson delivers “shocking news” over on Oxygen and check out “Under Construction” on DIY — two new episodes beginning at 9. 


— A year after taking the helm of “Stargate Atlantis,” Amanda Tapping is stepping down in the new season, presumably to work on the new series “Sanctuary.” Popular sci-fi actor Robert Piccardo will go from recurring to regular as he moves up and becomes the new head of Atlantis.

— For those of you who enjoy a little romance with your ice skating, ABC Family will air the original film “Cutting Edge 3” on March 16.

— “Peppa Pig” comes to Noggin.  The British animated pre-school show has been translated into 25 languages – one of which is, presumably, Pig Latin.

At’sthay allway ethay TVAY ewsnay.  Avehay away eatgray ayday.

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