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Entertainment fans rejoice! Strike should be over this week

This may be the best news to arise out of Hollywood since Spielberg and Lucas confirmed they were about to begin filming the long overdue Indiana Jones movie.

It appears the studios and the writers are on the verge of a deal!

Sources close to both sides have been buzzing all day about the progress made in the strike that has crippled the entertainment industry since its November commencement. Friday’s negotiations made major strides, particularly in the areas the writers were most concerned over including future entitlement to internet airing rights.

The producers had been insisting that internet and new media distribution fell under the category of promotion where writers are not included in royalties. As anyone with an internet connection can tell you, the medium is as much a broadcast venue as the traditional 25-inch television.

Time will tell the details of the deal, but the news is encouraging as multiple sources on either side of the negotiations say a deal is imminent. And if there’s one thing that’s true about a rumor in Hollywood, if it’s coming from multiple sources, count on it as if it was true!

Most programs had said that the strike would need to be resolved by the middle of February in order to salvage any kind of television season. If the Friday labor progress is as hot as it seems, watch for new programming as early as mid-March.

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