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Friday is fantastic on TV

Big night of TV. . .and Fox tells the truth

“Lost” returned with a whole lot of action, suspense and plenty of angst. With the storyline moving forward from the present and backwards from the past, at some point these puppies are going to have to meet in the middle and what a day that will be. Leaving us once again with more questions than answers — that’s “Lost.”

My favorite TV show was back with a new episode last night. Those “Supernatural” boys took on a coven of witches and boy was that gross. Wish I could be jumping up and down excited about this episode, but sadly it missed the mark for me. Sam and Dean did fine for themselves for two years on their own — why do they now need Ruby to save them every two minutes? On the other hand, I did like the talk Sam and Dean had about Sam’s changing attitudes, Dean’s “Ah!” reaction to the bunny (poor bunny), and Detectives Bachman and Turner — never ceases to amuse me.

Next week will be a blast though, so set the DVR as Sam and Dean go dreamwalking.

Smallville-Persona“Smallville” connected the dots last night, too, with Sweet (and someone annoying) Clark defeated the Dark (but really charming) Phantom Clark. Hmmm…I think I would have liked it better the other way around. James Marsters returned as a defective Brainiac and I liked this story thread quite a lot. Marsters has been stepping up his game recently and I like the way he played this role — a tad worn out and sickly but still majorly dangerous. And hey, how about that twist involving Grant (aka Julian Luthor)?  Didn’t see that one coming until it happened, then I knew it was all over but the crying.

Finally, it was the premiere of “Eli Stone,” but right now it’s still sitting on my DVR, so more on that as soon as I get to it.


Wow, except for NBC, there’s a whole lot of repeats on tonight to make up for last night’s blockbuster schedule!  New “Friday Night Lights” at 9 p.m. followed by a new “Las Vegas.” There’s also a big new “Stargate Atlantis” at 10 p.m.


— Fox bought more “Moment of Truth” after only two airings.  (Please!  No more game shows in primetime!)  TVGuide is reporting that many scheduled contestants dropped out after seeing the episodes on the air and that the producers have agreed to re-edit segments to remove phony dramatic pauses and make the series. . .well. . more TRUTHFUL!

— Star Jones had her truTV show abruptly canceled.  The network says it was simply because of the shift from CourtTV to the new mission of truTV.

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