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The scoop on Spears

As Lynne Spears was leaving the UCLA medical center’s psychiatric hospital, when asked by gathered reporters outside, she simply answered, “Yeah.”

But what is not clear through those words is if this latest visit to a hospital for mental reasons is merely a play for control of the pop singer’s life by those around her, including her “manager,” Sam Lufti.
California law is quite clear when it comes to forced admittance to a mental medical facility. If the individual is thought to be harmful to themselves or others, the authorities may step in and whisk the person away and place them on “5150” watch.
Enter last night’s scene at Britney’s house as a cavalcade of police cars and an ambulance sped her away to the UCLA Medical Center as the sun arose over the Pacific just miles away. As set forth by the above mentioned law, although Spears managed to wiggle out of hospital care the last time she was under “5150” hold, technically, she is to be in that hospital for 72 hours.
Time will tell and SheKnows will keep you informed.

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