Idol’s Miami sound machine runs, sputters

After watching Wednesday’s “American Idol” visit to Miami, another auditioning wave of more than 10,000 mostly horrific hopefuls reminded viewers that Idol can be recreational viewing, or a vice.

Tryout attendees seemed to be more obnoxious, larger, louder and simply weirder than in other cities.
Friends Brittany Wescott and Corliss Smith were, in more ways than one, larger than life. They may have shuffled through to California, but they’ll have greater acclaim for attempts to make a Seacrest sandwich then their stabs at old Motown and jazz.
Venezuelan Gahleb Emachah had tolerable chops and plenty of Latin verve to sweep Abdul off her feet, while Mini-she, 19-year-old Ramiele Malubay gave “Natural Woman” a worthy effort.
Idol is Idol, meaning that contestant back-story of former American Juniors competitor Julie Dubela and rehabilitated father of Syisha Mercado make it to the screen. At least 20-year-old Mercado had the goods, ripping off an assertive Aretha Franklin “Think.” Scratch notes say “look for this one during Hollywood week.”
Dubela, who Cowell found “precocious,” failed to understand the word’s definition — or what a sincere, believable vocal is supposed to resemble. Oddly enough, Cowell’s suggestion “go to Los Angeles and become an actress” was a compliment, or at least a suggestion for a more appropriate career move.
Nineteen Hollywood invitations were given although it seemed like a stream of auditioners received goldenrod passes. Count on half that population to be instantly eaten alive in California.
Idol returns Feb. 5 at 8 p.m. on Fox, when auditions continue from Atlanta.


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