Anna Nicole trial drops bombshell

In the department of sick beyond belief, yet not surprising if you think about it, news has arisen from the Anna Nicole Smith saga for the first time in months.

In the Bahamas Wednesday, a former acquaintance of Smith testified during a hearing looking into the former Playmate son’s death, that Smith’s former paramour took photographs of Smith’s son Daniel after he had died September 10, 2006.
In the midst of a bitter property dispute with Stern, G. Ben Thompson reported in his statements during a line of questioning directed by Smith’s mother, Virgie Arthur during the death inquisition.
During his testimony in the tropical island’s courtroom, Thompson said there were four photos to prove his allegations and that Stern had taken them because of their potential future worth.
Also of note is how Gayther Thompson, G. Ben’s son, testified Wednesday that he saw Stern trash medication he found on Daniel after he perished.
This certainly does not paint a quality picture of Stern, yet considering this is a source and his son who is in the middle of suing over a $900,000 mansion in the Bahamas, either side’s testimony must be taken with a grain of salt.
In other words, this is far from over.


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