Lost returns as does Celebrity Apprentice

There’s a whole lot of reality going on and the king of serial shows, “Lost,” has been found with its much anticipated return to TV.


Kind of a quiet night on TV last night. A new “American Idol” and only half of “One Tree Hill” for me. “Idol” was in a forgiving mood last night putting through quite a few people who would have been ousted a week earlier.  Bob Benedetti has it covered in his Idol recap. Next up was “One Tree Hill” with its flashback to the recent past Color me confused. Lucas was coaching Nathan’s basketball team three years ago? I may need to start a running timeline of events so I can tell what happened when. I only made it through half the episode, but the other half is still on the DVR, so we’ll see. There was also a new Janice Dickinson last night and I’ll run that a little later on.

Now, here are your best bets for this evening:

“Lost” is back!  But it’s only a repeat tonight.  Catch this old episode in order to get up to speed for tomorrow night’s much anticipated return.

“Crowned” will pick a winner tonight (my money is on Gina and her mom) on The CW and there’s another round of auditions on “America Idol” on Fox.

At 10, it’s an all-new “Law and Order” on NBC and if you haven’t seen the show in ages, check it out.  It has all new life thanks to the addition of Jeremy Sisto and Linus Roache. 

TV News

— NBC has renewed “Celebrity Apprentice.” Though the series is getting panned by critics, there’s something very watchable about this glitzed up version of the show.  Car crash mentality, maybe?

— Lifetime’s new dance series hit their contestants with a twist.  Turns out these young dancers who signed up for “Dance Nation” are actually going to appear on “Your Mama Don’t Dance,” where they will be paired up with a parent.  Kind of like “Crowned” meets “So You Think You Can Dance.”

— NBC also pulled a switch, knocking the much advertised “Baby Borrowers” off the schedule for the premiere of “My Dad is Better Than Your Dad.” Looks like the dads will be visiting the “American Gladiators,” too, for a little cross promotion action.


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