TV competitions: This means war!

“Dance War, ” “American Gladiators. ” Since when is watching TV so exhausting!

After weeks of complaining about “Dance War,” I’ve had a change of heart. Yesterday’s episode had a real snap to it and I found myself staying clear of the fast forward button. Less recaps, more behind the scenes and all around better dance numbers gave this week a boost. Their salute to Motown was rockin and rollin’ but in the end it was Bruno’s team that had to lose a member. Seriously, Team Bruno?  They have Zack!  They’re the best.

It was a war of a different kind over on “American Gladiators.” It was the last round before the finals and it featured the oldest contestant who was also on the original series.  She was a marvel but she lost a chance to advance by 6 seconds!  I’m still loving this one.  It’s good, clean fun and a show the family can watch together.  Go moms, go!

And watch for the syndication of Gladiators 2000, the children’s version of the show with a young Ryan Seacrest as the host.

Tonight on TV

On Fox, both “American Idol” and “House” are new tonight, against NBC’s 2-hour “Biggest Loser.” Over on The CW you’ll find a new episode of “One Tree Hill” and ABC has a couple of new comedies at 9:00.

Bravo has a big night with “Real Housewives of Orange County Confessions” followed by their new series “Millionaire Matchmaker.”

News and Notable

— TV buyers are looking at a new series called “Jane’s Sew and So” which teaches teens how to design and sew their own creations.  I think this is a marvelous idea.  With Home Ec having been virtually wiped out in high schools across the US, we need shows like this.  I hope that Jane’s Scrambled Eggs follows with cooking tips for teens.

—  Call this one America’s Funniest Home Videos with a twist.  Reality.TV users are given tasks to complete then asked to submit home videos in categories such as Most Embarrassing Moments, Video Diaries & Confessions and Pet Circus. Reality TV producers will be on hand to help decide which videos could be developed into regular features.

—  “Baywatch” is coming to ION TV in March! 

—  CBS has ordered up two more helpings of “Survivor.”  A show that is truly living up to it’s name.


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