Ear Candy dances Into the Night

Carlos Santana achieved the near impossible. After being in the music business for decades, he scored his biggest hit pairing with a modern male singer producing platinum records and Grammy gold.

Always possessing a taste for Latin spice that Santana brings to Ear Candy, the guitar maestro has exceeded expectations by doing it again. This week’s Ear Candy pairs Santana with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger and produces a rock fueled Latin sound that scorches all the senses.

Who would have ever imagined that after Santana paired with Rob Thomas, he’d be able to recreate that magic years later. By hooking up with Kroeger gravely voice, Santana’s succulent guitar riffs create a fiesta for the ears. Listen as Santana’s drum section gets their spotlight, further adding layers of zest to the career of the Lord of Latin Ear Candy.


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