SAG Awards best and worst dressed

They came, they conquered and now anyone with an opinion can chime in about the outfits at this year’s 2008 SAG Awards.

As the only award show thus far in a normally overflowing awards season, the SAG Awards gave America its first red carpet worth noting. There was a sea of black and metalic colors in everyone’s outfits except for a few brilliant standouts including Niki Bronsky and Kyra Sedwick in brilliant blue, Marcia Cross looking radiant while effortlessly matching her hair and dress, Cate Blanchett showcasing expectant chic, and Angelina Jolie doing nothing to dispel the pregnancy rumors with her flowing frock. Then were was the love it or hate it, Vanessa Williams in her radiant yellow…did it work?


Is Angie pregnant?

Vanessa Williams, does the yellow work for her? Love it or hate it?

Cate Blanchett, a picture of glowing glamour

Marcia Cross, utterly ravishing



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