Britney’s uncle spills the beans

One of Britney Spears’ uncles has sold a tell-all on the troubled mama, and he paints a sad picture of drug use going back more than a decade.


William Spears spoke exclusively to The Sun about Brit’s bad behavior and alleges the following bombshells: 

  • Brit started drinking at the tender age of 13 and dabbling in drugs by 14.
  •  Her grandmother, Emma Jean, committed suicide at the age of 31, and Brit herself is afraid she will follow the same path.
  • Brit has done cocaine, crystal meth and ecstasy, sometimes all in the same night!  

William, himself a recovering drug addict, says he was not only present during some of Britney’s drug use, but participated with her. “I’m not just a family friend or someone who claims to know them,” he said. “I was there every day, working with them. I have seen all the terrible things happen.”  

“I know she did cocaine on her 18th birthday — I was there. We were at a party in an apartment and I spotted her doing a line just before I did one. We smoked pot together too.” 

“The drug use went up overnight when she moved to LA to pursue her career. The drugs and the alcohol helped her cope with the pressure — helped her to escape from reality. We thought maybe getting married and having kids would help her settle down but it was quite the opposite. Britney is in an unstable state of mind now and there is nothing anyone can do about it. She is not listening to anybody. She has fired all the people around her who cared because she simply doesn’t want people to tell her to stop doing the things she is doing.” 

Uncle Willy concluded ominously, “If people think she has reached the bottom, they are very wrong. Suicide is the bottom line for Britney.”

Britney’s relatives continue to add to her mess with her uncle’s upcoming tell-all book.


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