Lionsgate and Marvel each reach deal with writers

As individual production companies are making deals with the striking Writer’s Guild workers, it appears the solidarity of the producer’s collective may be weakening.

News arrives today that Lions Gate and Marvel Entertainment each reached their own deals with the striking WGA to resume work on their respective projects. These are interim deals until a industry-wide contract is ratified by the union and the producers.

Joining Marvel and Lionsgate in reaching deals to get writers working are The Weinstein Company, David Letterman’s WorldWide Pants and Tom Cruise’s United Artists.

“We are pleased Lionsgate has joined the growing number of companies that have signed interim agreements with the Writers Guild,” said twin WGA presidents Patric Verrone, WGA West, and Michael Winship, WGA East, in a joint statement.

Is this a sign of an end to the strike? Hardly. But it may change the way Hollywood does business during the next round of labor negotiations.


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