Obama delivers David Letterman’s Top 10

David Letterman is no stranger to hosting politicians. His affinity for Hillary Clinton is obvious every time she is on the show. Watch for it, he blushes.

Eyes at the Clinton for President camp must have blinked twice when they heard that Hillary’s fiercest competitor in the race was appearing on her “if we both weren’t married” boyfriend’s program.

Witness history this evening on “Late Night With David Letterman” when half of the duo that is grabbing political headlines reads his version of the Top 10. For candidate Obama, his Top 10 is the campaign promises.

You’ll have to watch to see the full list, but sources have a few that made it out to the public.

Most interestingly was one to change the name of the tenth month of the year to “Barack-tober” and to appoint Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney “Secretary of Looking Good.”

Obama’s number one campaign promise, three words: “Vice President Oprah.”


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