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Top 25 solo singers

Natalie Merchant

It doesn’t take 10,000 Maniacs to figure out where the magic behind the maniacs lies.

Natalie Merchant’s vocal prowess found new heights with her Tigerlily release that told audiences that 9,999 fewer Maniacs’ involvement from equaled musical mastery.

George Michael

Wham and you are a solo superstar. That is how it was for the British singer who secured his place in history with his Faith record that dominated the charts for several years.

Pushing an envelope that now seems tame, I Want Your Sex alone deserves an award for its stimulating nature.

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Belinda Carlisle

The Go-Go’s were huge. During the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, America found Heaven Is a Place on Earth when it came to Go-Go’s leading lady, Belinda Carlisle.

After an initial career boost, Belinda Carlisle returned to her Go-Go past where you can still find her rocking the country.

Rob Thomas

The Matchbox 20 singer may have released his solo CD recently, Cradle Song, but his heart still lies with his band.

From his Grammy winning jam with Santana to his passionate albums, Rob Thomas exemplifies this category.

Vote for your favorite Rob Thomas video and let us know of his many incarnations, which one rocks you!


The Smiths defined a genre all their own. The man behind their sound has stepped out on his own path to modest success defined mostly by legions of fans who find his haunting operatic voice something of an enigma.

Lauryn Hill

The Fugees broke barriers and so did Lauryn Hill in her solo debut. The songstress’ debut solo record was so incredibly successful, winning an armful of Grammy’s – Lauryn Hill has never truly returned with another solo recording.

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Gloria Estefan

Mirroring Diana Ross, Gloria Estefan got huge with versatile band, put her name in front of band, then lost the band’s name and scored by going solo. But Estefan’s path was unique in how she still recorded with her sound machine while scoring hits under her own name and still returns to the Miami Sound roots.

Billy Idol

Remember Generation X? Probably not, but Billy Idol catapulted out of the UK with this band before finding hits with Rebel Yell, Dancing With Myself, Mony Mony, Eyes Without a Face and one of the first, Hot in the City.

Peter Gabriel

The original lead singer of Genesis left the band when a drummer arrived who seem to want the microphone more than he wanted to provide the rhythm.

Peter Gabriel’s triumph transcended music to the iconic stature of film with John Cusack hoisting his In Your Eyes in Say Anything.

You can’t miss his work in the Oscar-winning score of Wall-E.

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Don Henley

Thus begins the discussion about band who possessed multiple singers who shared lead singer responsibilities. With Glenn Frey, Henley belted out The Eagles best while finding himself at End of the Innocence in the Boys of Summer.

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