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Top 25 solo singers

Who are the top 25 singers who have left hit bands to find solo success? Say hello to Justin Timberlake, America! But is Timberlake number one? Only a handful of artists have managed to find solo success after leaving the band that made them famous.

SheKnows wondered who is the fairest of them all? The envelopes please…the SheKnows top 25 singers gone solo.

Ricky Martin

Menudo, and then that entire Living La Vida Loca thing – Ricky Martin has to be on this list. What he’s done since is irrelevant — Martin launched a cultural revolution with his entire Ricky Martin album.

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Iggy Pop

The Stooges and punk rock pioneers are synonymous. Along with several other singers of the spit on the audience era, none has managed to remain culturally relevant as Iggy Pop.

Glenn Frey

See Don Henley, oh wait…is he even on our top 25 singers gone solo? Stay tuned…

Frey found solo success with Smuggler’s Blues. The video made him a solo-singer household name.

Let us not forget the Beverly Hills Cop inspired The Heat is On, where the Eagles’ singer has found a way to apply the heat ever since.

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Technically Fergie not a lead singer, but no one in the Black Eyed Peas sings as Fergie does.

Fergie spawned a sensation with her solo release guided by fellow Black Eyed Peas member Will.I.Am. No doubt is she Fergalicious, and you know she knows that Big Girls Don’t Cry. Fergie may be thought of to be higher on the list — but SheKnows has a feeling Fergie is simply getting going.

Chris Cornell

Soundgarden helped define Seattle music success of the grunge era. But there was hardly a voice, much less a face that emerged to represent the time like Chris Cornell.

His solo recordings have blown critics and audiences away and his stature as a singer has held true with his work with the super-group, Audioslave.

Up next… the top 20, including Rob Thomas and Lauryn Hill.

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