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SheKnows’ top 10 films of 2007

Don’t miss this top 10 list of the must see films from 2007!


The best film of the year by the miles of heartstrings it pulls. This past summer, “Once” reinvented the entire music-for–film genre. The British movie not only charged audiences with emotional vive, but in a uniquely non-Hollywood, European cinema way, captured life in its purest film on screen in 2007.
James McAvoy and Keira Knightley’s hearts are afire with the lush direction of Joe Wright creating pure cinematic ecstasy. In any other year, “Atonement” is the zenith of 2007 cinematic achievement.
A teenage pregnancy film could hardly be called charming, but “Juno” is exactly that. Moving as it is well crafted, “Juno” reminded audiences in 2007 why they go to the movies.

4“Sweeney Todd”
Broadway’s Stephen Sondheim wrote the tunes, but in this version of the classic musical theater piece, the Tim Burton and Johnny Depp tandem works its magic once again. Helena Bonham Carter deserves the Oscar that is coming her way.


Tragic in how its creator, Adrienne Shelly, perished before she could witness audiences embrace her triumph. Star Keri Russell announced herself to the world as a thespian force with this incredible film. 
The film every American should watch that will spawn millions to promptly begin saving money for not only their retirement, but the healthcare needs that accompany those years —a must-see before voting in 2008, regardless of one’s political views.
7“La Vie en Rose”
French cinema reclaimed its place on the film map this year and “La Vie en Rose” exemplified that trend. Impassioned as it is tragic, this true story is handled with such grace that days will pass before the film shakes the viewer.
8“A Mighty Heart”
This Angelina Jolie classic may have missed summer movie audience’s fancy, but it is a film not to be missed. Whether as an American, a writer, a wife, husband, father, mother or child, this film is pertinent on infinite levels.
9“No Country for Old Men”
Brutal, violent and disturbing, this Coen Brother’s film is among their best. The “Fargo,” “Raising Arizona” and “O’ Brother, Where Art Thou?” masterminds have taken the crime thriller to an entirely new platform of pulsating mastery. Oscar time, watch for the brothers and star Josh Brolin to clutch gold.
10(Tie) “After the Wedding” and “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”
Both films arrive from foreign shores and share the ability to transcend an audience not only geographically, but providing an exquisite and stirring means of viewing the world through someone else’s eyes.
Honorable mention:Bourne Ultimatum,” “The Simpson’s Movie,” “Zodiac,” “Ratatouille,” “Michael Clayton,” “God Grew Tired of Us,” “Hairspray.”

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