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Survivor: China – James holds onto idols…Gets voted out, episode 10

It was a great strategy that worked perfectly. Amanda devised a plan to oust the biggest threat in the game; the one with the final three securely in his pocket. Yes, I’m talking about James. However, it was his, “Total Trust”

Now to last weeks show. 

Still at Tribal Council after Frosti was vote out, Jeff Probst informed the tribe mates that they would compete in another Reward Challenge at Tribal Council.  The challenge consisted of answering a series of questions based on Chinese culture.  The first to answer 5 correctly would win a private jet plane ride to the ancient Shaolin Temple; enjoy a meal, overnight stay and a martial art demonstration. In the end it was Peih-Gee who won the reward and chose Denise and Erik to share in her prize. 

While Peih-Gee, Denise and Erik enjoyed the reward, Todd, Amanda, James and Courtney pondered the idea of being the Final Four.  James, feeling very comfortable with his position in the game, expressed how happy he was with his alliance. 

Upon arriving back at camp, Erik talked to James about aligning with him and Peih-Gee to try and oust Todd.  James disregarded the idea and later said, “There is an original group of five and a group of two…Erik is not that smart.  Why would I go from the nice happy five to the evil two?…” 

As Erik tried to convince James of his plan, Amanda discussed with Courtney a plan to vote out James.  The entire idea was to blindside James – give him the impression that Peih-Gee or Erik were going home so he wouldn’t even think about using the idols.  Later Amanda told Todd and Denise.  Their plan was in motion. 

At the Immunity Challenge, it was “do or die” for Peih-Gee and Erik.  They assumed their lives were on the line and desperately had to win immunity.  The tribe mates had to throw stars at targets.  It came down to Erik and James.  But Erik came out victorious. 

Assuming she would be the one going home, Peih-Gee approached Amanda and suggested they target James.  Amanda reassured Peih-Gee that she should just “play along” as if she was definitely going home.  Unsure of Amanda’s motive, Peih-Gee still went to Tribal Council prepared to fight. 

At Tribal Council James’ alliance played it cool as Peih-Gee and James immediately butted heads.  Still reluctant to play the idols, James sat by with a cool head and a calm demeanor.  As Jeff read the votes, James cool, calm demeanor turned to frustration as a costly move of not playing one of the idols was his demise.  James was voted out.  He left the game with both idols safely tucked away in his bag. 

It was about time they got rid of James.  As much as I enjoyed the way James played, he felt too comfortable with his alliance and tried to hold onto the idols far too long.  Now we are left with Amanda, Todd, Erik, Courtney, Denise and Peih-Gee.  Of the final six, I still am pulling for Peih-Gee.  Underdogs all the way!!! 

Until next week.

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