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“The Note” has a simple message

It was a note — simple yet staggering in its message: T — I love you. All is forgiven. — Dad.

And it’s a message that veteran journalist Peyton McGruder is charged with delivering and chronicling in her newspaper column in the Hallmark movie “The Note” airing December 8.But for McGruder, professional duty quickly takes a back seat to personal redemption after she learns the note was written to an unidentified child by a passenger on board a plane that crashed off of the East Coast, killing many of those onboard.

“That strikes her very deeply and she feels compelled to get that final message to that child,” said actress Genie Francis of McGruder. Francis, who plays McGruder, is best known for her portrayal of Laura Spencer on the daytime drama General Hospital.Despite McGruder’s determination in ensuring the message ends up in the right hands, Francis describes her character as a woman who is very “fragile” and spends a lot of energy trying to cover that characteristic up along with other transgressions from her past.”She wants to do the right thing and I think this movie is about her being able to forgive herself and put something right and make amends for something she’s done” and I think everyone can relate to that,” Francis said.

Helping McGruder is King, a fellow journalist who has won the Pulitzer Prize. And while King is a skilled writer, he’s not socially adept and uses his sense of humor to keep people at a distance, said actor Ted McGinley, who portrays King in the movie.”You get a quick retort to keep you at bay, so you never get in,” McGinley said of King. Complicating matters is the character of Truman Harris, McGruder’s news anchor nemesis who reads her columns and wants to catapult the story into the national spotlight.Harris is played by Rick Roberts who said his character doesn’t understand why McGruder’s character would want to keep searching for the note’s recipient a genuine experience.For McGinley, genuine expression is the underlying message of the movie.”You have to write that note every day … You’ve got to let people know that you love them,” he said. “You’ve got to write that note — metaphorically, you’ve got to do it.””The Note” is based on a book by the same name written by Angela Hunt. Hunt said the seed for writing the book was planted while she was teaching Sunday school.

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