Chris Brown’s kisses of Ear Candy

The key ingredient to any delectable piece of Ear Candy is that the song is so sugary sweet, it remnants echo through the mind for days. Exemplifying that point is Chris Brown’s “Kiss, Kiss.” The track, fefaturing T-Pain, is the lead single off of his upcoming album “Exclusive.” The single takes the promise established at this year’s MTV Video Awards dancing across tables and sends it to the stratosphere.

Recalling another Ear Candy, Prince’s ode to smooching, “Kiss, Kiss” takes the Purple One’s talents of dance combined with a stellar voice and produces a piece of popular music magic.

Brown’s instant dance floor classic, “Kiss, Kiss” showcases why many in the music industry are calling him pop music’s savior. After years of a definitive star, the charts haven’t seen an artist like Brown since Michael Jackson took his “Thriller” to the world.

A song with a chorus riff so addictive it belongs in the Ear Candy Hall of Fame, what sets Brown’s jam apart from the rest of the sonic succulence that dominates SheKnows’ weekly tribute to the tastiest tunes on the planet is its break-it-down style that will produce the ultimate in a tunic treat. This when speaking to tracks that not only entertain but enthrall for hours and days after their experience is over, endlessly repeating the can’t-live-without-it chorus.

Brown’s “Kiss, Kiss” is this winter’s version of the ultimate radio quest. After listening to it, if not on CD where a repeat button is easily accessible, the fingers to the walking while Brown’s emphatic salute to the simplest of romantic gestures drives a search for another station putting its spotlight on the new millennium’s triple threat: singer, dancer, Ear Candy producer and actor. The third place film at the box office last weekend? Brown’s “This Christmas.”


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