Neil Diamond admits Sweet Caroline is a Kennedy

What a birthday present for Caroline Kennedy. While Neil Diamond was singing to her at a private bash marking her 50th birthday, the singer let loose a secret that has been kept hidden for 40 years. The muse of “Sweet Caroline” was none other than President Kennedy’s little girl.

It seems the picture of Caroline next to her horse dressed impeccably in a magazine article truly struck Diamond. He locked himself in his New York City apartment and set to work on a classic. The song that has never lost its favor with millions of fans became an anthem of the World Series champion Boston Red Sox this past October in what is a trend of continual popularity for the Diamond 1969 hit single.

While serenading Kennedy at her birthday party, Diamond paused in between songs and told the crowd he did not plan on keeping the song’s source a secret for four decades. He just had to inform her in person. The opportunity came when Diamond was asked by the Kennedy family to perform at Caroline’s party. Diamond, a personal favorite of Caroline’s, jumped at the chance, knowing he could finally unload the secret that has followed him around every time he sings “Sweet Caroline.”


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