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Survivor: China — Loud mouth Dave sent home, episode 4

It’s been about 12 days now on the island and I have to say, this season still has not excited me in the least. I don’t know what it is…maybe I’m getting too old for the mind games being played. Or maybe, I’m just not understanding this “new” way of editing the show. There’s got to be more than what the editors are choosing the show us. Perhaps this group is a bunch of A-type personalities that haven’t given the cameras enough good material. I guess, in defense of the contestants, they are at the mercy of the editors. They (the editors) have the choice of what to or not to air. So it may not completely be the contestants fault. I just hope it gets better.

Now to last nights show.


Again, on both camps, there was a bunch of arguing back and forth. Courtney and Jean-Robert continued to exchange words which lead to unresolved frustration. At Zhan Hu, it wasn’t any better as Sherea had issues over Dave’s leadership skills and Dave yelled at Sherea about throwing away shells he was collecting for his mother. It got so out of control that Sherea was ready to send Dave into the water. As a mediator, Frosti warned Dave that as the leader he needed to learn how to get along with everyone. This episode put a huge target on Dave. Regardless of him being the leader at camp, his attitude and cocky behavior was getting on everyone’s nerves.

As the day went on and as the others at Zhan Hu took care of their camp, Sherea layed around while everyone else worked. It was noticeably obvious to the others that Sherea wasn’t going to exert any extra energy to do work. Of course this put a target on Sherea’s back.

At the Reward Challenge, the teams had to use giant chopsticks to carry flaming balls across a course and drop the fireballs into a wok igniting a fireworks display. The first team to get all three fireballs would win a visit by a fisherman and his family who would teach them how to fish (the traditional Chinese way). The winning tribe would also kidnap a member of the losing tribe until the next Immunity Challenge.

In the end, it was Fei Long who was able to get back on the winning track. They chose to kidnap Dave who also received the bamboo tube from Jeff Probst to be opened in private.

Back at the Fei Long camp, Dave was elated to be away from his tribe. He eventually chose Todd to give the clue too. Dave stated, “I’ve got a pretty good hunch for whatever its worth. I believe I can trust Todd.”

While Dave was at Fei Long, his tribe mates at Zhan Hu were feeling his absence. They were forced to pick up the slack of doing all the work around camp. Erik said, “Without Dave, we’re scrounging around trying to get everything done.” With Sherea laying around not contributing to the workload, it made getting the work done much tougher for the others. Sherea later said, “I’m trying to conserve my energy for the challenges. So if they want to keep working, that’s okay with me. I’m gonna ride the work horse till the tails fall off, because I’m not doing anything till I have to.”

Upon arrival of the fisherman and his family, Fei Long learned how to fish with large fishing birds that brought back a feast of fish. Later that day, they gorged on some traditional Chinese cuisine.

Returning for the Immunity Challenge, Dave returned to his original tribe and was ready for the challenge at hand. Both tribes were dressed in traditional Chinese armor while squaring off in a gladiator-style arena. During each face off, the tribe mates had to hurl meteor hammers in an attempt to break the other tribe’s vases while the other tribe tried to prevent them from hitting the vases. The tribe to break the most vases would be safe from Tribal Council.

This was an interesting challenge which I thought the girls would have been at the disadvantage because of the heavy armor, but Jaime was the strong arm for Zhan Hu as she knocked 2 vases in one shot. But it wasn’t enough as the team effort from Fei Long captured the win in the final round.

Back at the Zhan Hu camp, Dave noticed he was being ignored at camp and feared that his time on the island was in danger. Sherea too was a little concerned when all the tribe members were taking a dip in the water without her. She decided to confront the team and reassure them that her strength at camp was in winning challenges and that she was an asset to the team. Unsure if her speech worked, she just hoped for the best. At Tribal Council, the team chose to stick with strength over leadership and voted Dave out of the game (five votes to one).

Honestly, I don’t have a conclusion. I do anticipate that Courtney will finally get voted out next provided Zhan Hu loses again. She’s skinnier than Heidi Strobel from Survivor: Amazon and that’s frail. I think she just needs to be pumped with a lot of nourishments before she flies away.

I still like James, Erik, Sherea and Jaime. The rest of them are just clogging up space in the game.

Until next week.

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