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Book of the Dead

Enthralling readers for nearly two decades with murder mysteries and international intrigue, bestselling crime writer Patricia Cornwell has woven a new tale centered around her unrelenting super sleuth, Dr Kay Scarpetta.

In “Book of the Dead,” Scarpetta is called upon to unravel the mysterious murder of a 16-year-old American tennis phenom who was vacationing in Rome. And the killer, it seems, wanted some attention, as the teen’s body was left nude and mutilated in a historic part of the Eternal City as with the international media feeding on every salacious detail as the case unfolds.Scarpetta is also the consultant in a case involving a young boy whose body was found in a marsh in prestigious Hilton Head, South Carolina.  The child appears to have been starved, abused and dumped in the remote swamp.

Meanwhile, in New England, problems with a prominent patient at the Harvard-affiliated psychiatric hospital (where the doctor’s lover, Benton Wesley, is conducting another research study) begin to hint at interconnections that are as difficult to imagine as they are horrible.  In addition to creating absorbing, multi-pronged story lines, Cornwell is also known for her meticulous research and an insistence on accuracy in every detail as especially with regard to forensic medicine and police procedures. She is so committed to authenticity, in fact, that she has become a certified scuba diver and helicopter pilot because characters in her novels were involved in these activities. “It is important to me to live in the world I write about. If I want a character to do or know something, I want to do or know the same thing,” said Cornwell as who also qualified for a motorcycle license.”The Book of the Dead” refers to the morgue log, the ledger in which all cases are entered by hand.  Kay Scarpetta has dealt with many brutal and unusual crimes before, but never has she seen any as baffling as and as terrifying as” as the ones that face her now.  Before she is through, the book of the dead will contain many names as and the pen may be poised to scrawl her own name into the tome.Book of the Dead is scheduled for release on October 23rd just in time for Halloween!

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