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Head Cases

Jason Payne (Chris O’Donnell) was the golden-boy superstar attorney at a prestigious Los Angeles law firm. But his nonstop drive toward professional advancement backfired when his wife Laurie (Krista
Allen) kicked him out of the house, and to make a bad day even worse, he had a nervous breakdown.

C2005 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: F. Scott Schafer/FOXAfter three months at a “wellness center,” Jason found himself with no job, no place to live and no support system.

Enter Russell Shultz (Adam Goldberg), an unkempt, unpredictable sufferer of explosive disorder, assigned to be outpatient “buddies” with Jason by their mutual therapist, Dr Robinson (Rockmond Dunbar). A low-rent lawyer who usually represents deviants and petty criminals, Shultz eagerly latches onto a very reluctant Jason, inserting himself in all aspects of Jason’s personal and professional life. The intrusion is the last thing Jason needs, preoccupied as he is with trying to re-establish his career, rebuild a relationship with his 8-year-old son Ryan (Jake Cherry) and reach some kind of accord with Laurie.

For Jason and Shultz, what begins as a bumpy alliance gradually turns amicable, as each helps steer the other toward against-all-odds legal victories.

Ultimately, Jason and Shultz hang up their shingle together. The unlikely duo bring in paralegal Lou albertini (Richard Kind), a former attorney who was disbarred under scandalous circumstances, as they set out to take on underdog clients while attempting to keep each other “sane.”

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