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A New Season of Survivor!

Strap on your seat belt and get ready for the most intensified and extremely challenging Survivor to date. Taking place deep in the rainforest of Central America among the ruins of a once prosperous and currently non-existent ancient civilization were the Maya people. This is the country of Guatemala and the back drop for the eleventh season of Survivor.

Divided into the traditional two tribes, Yaxha and Nakum, the teams will first embark on a treacherous 11-mile hike through the dense jungles of the rainforest surrounded by thousands of flying, biting, and stinging creatures of North America. It is apparent from the start that stress-levels, endurance-levels and dehydration-levels will be tested. The time for these contestants to check their fears at the door is right NOW! No, this challenge will not be for the faint at heart…only the strong will survive. Host Jeff Probst stated in a previous interview, “It’s without question the toughest challenge ever done in any capacity.”

Leading up to the first episode, the commercials have tickled our taste buds about the upcoming twists for this season. Thinking that S:G will begin with 16 contestants; the new twist is to bring back two of Survivors most popular past contestants. If you’re expecting to see Rupert, Richard Hatch, Sandra Diaz-Twine or even me, don’t hold your breath. Rumor has it that Survivor: Palau’s favorite lone Dove, Stephenie LaGrossa and her counterpart Bobby Jon Drinkard will add an air of mystery, suspense and competition to the game. They will heat up the Yaxha and Nakum tribes respectfully.

Making up the Survivor: Guatemala cast is eight 20-year olds, four 30-year olds, three 40-year olds and one individual over 60. With this cast, I expect to see many bikinis, suntanned chests, lots of flirting and very little drama. My early conclusion is that the only drama we’ll see this season will occur during their 11-mile walk. With all that time on their hands, the women are bound to get a little catty and the men will “jock” for male superiority. If the eight 20-year old are smart, they could realize early on how much of an advantage they have and bond together to take out the rest. Will that happen? I doubt it. Leaving a bunch of kids alone is like leaving your child alone with a partying teen-age baby sitter…Something bad is bound to happen.

My “At-A-Glance” prediction is pulling for police sergeant Amy O’Hara. She looks strong and loves the outdoors. However, as part of the 30 year old crowd this may pose as a huge disadvantage to her. If she is able to mingle with the young girls, she may stay around for a show or two. But as previous Survivor season have revealed, Young cute girls and older mature women don’t always mesh. In looking at the 20 year olds, I also like law student Brooke Stuck. Not only is she a Stephenie LaGrossa “look-a-like”, she is an Oregon native like myself. On the men’s side, there’s something about Brandon Bellinger (the 22 year old from Manhattan, Kansas). There’s no reasoning behind me choosing Brandon just that previous seasons of Survivor have proven true that farmers and ranchers do quite well in the game.

Well, we now are ready to dive into another season of Survivor. Stay tune each week for my play-by-play analysis as well as upcoming interviews with past and currently voted out Survivors from Guatemala. The first episode of Survivor: Guatemala, the Maya Empire airs this Thursday, September 15th at 8 pm (EST) on CBS.

Let the Games Begin!

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