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Emily’s Reason Why Not

Emily Sanders is a successful young woman with terrific taste, great friends and a fabulous job in publishing. She didn’t get to this place in life by accident. She worked hard and always followed a set of self-imposed guidelines referred to as the “Reasons.”

Reasons why not to take that new job offer, reasons why not to tell a vacation fling to look you up if he’s ever in Los Angeles, reasons why not to trust your crafty, back-stabbing former assistant, Glitter Cho. However, when Emily crosses professional lines and gets involved with the roguishly handsome, two-timing author of their new best seller, there’s no denying somewhere along the way her internal GPS system has crashed. She’s got to get back on track, and once again be heedful of the trustworthy reasons that help her navigate her way through life.

Based on the bestselling novel of the same title, Heather Graham stars in this comedy about one independent woman’s adventures in life, friendship, love and their infinite possibilities…

Heather Graham (“Scrubs,” “Boogie Nights”): Emily
Nadia Dajani (“Ned and Stacey”): Reilly
Khary Payton: Josh
Smith Cho: Glitter

Writer/Executive Producer: Emily Kapnek (“As Told by Ginger”)
Executive Producers: Gavin Polone (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”), Vivian Cannon (“Thief”), Robin Schiff (“The Bad Girls Guide”)
Production Companies: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Pariah

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