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Emmy Award-winning drama series “ER,” for its ten completed seasons, was television’s highest-rated drama among key advertising demographics for each of those seasons, a feat unprecedented in television history.

Created by best-selling author Michael Crichton (“Jurassic Park”), the series centers on the medical personnel in the emergency room of a Chicago hospital. Crichton is also an executive producer, along with John Wells (“China Beach”) and Christopher Chulack.

Now in its 11th season and NBC’s #1 program this fall, “ER” stars Noah Wyle (“Enough”), Laura Innes (“Deep Impact”), Mekhi Phifer (“Clockers”), Goran Visnjic (“The Deep End”), Maura Tierney (“Insomnia”), Sherry Stringfield (“NYPD Blue”), Ming-Na (“Mulan”), Parminder Nagra (“Bend It Like Beckham”), Linda Cardellini (“Scooby-Doo”) and Shane West (“Once and Again”).

A winner of the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award, the series has also earned 21 Emmy Awards and 112 nominations – breaking an all-time industry record. Also, the cast has won four Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Drama Series. “ER” was named Outstanding Drama Series at the Emmy Awards in 1996.

“ER” tracks the inner workings of County General Hospital, a Level One Trauma Center where heroic doctors and nurses are faced with life-and-death decisions on a daily basis. The staff is led by Attending Physician Dr. John Carter (Wyle), who, in his eleventh year at County, has risen to a role of respect and moral leadership in the ER. The chief of staff, Dr. Kerry Weaver (Innes), a tough and determined administrator, finds herself at a personal crossroads, trying to strike a balance between her life as a doctor and the life she now wants as a woman.

Also on staff are Dr. Luka Kovac (Visnjic), an ER attending physician from Croatia who is searching – sometimes self-destructively – for something to fill the void of his lost family and failed relationships; Abby Lockhart (Tierney), who recently made the professional transition from nurse to doctor, is making a serious effort to turn her personal life around; Dr. Jing-Mei Chen (Ming-Na), an attending E.R. doc who, having sacrificed so much for her work, is looking to lighten up and get out more; Dr. Susan Lewis (Stringfield), who after a few years away has readjusted to the emergency room and recently had a baby with a man she married in Las Vegas on a whim; and Dr. Gregory Pratt (Phifer), a brash, third-year resident with a checkered background that won’t stop haunting him.

Recent additions to the ER include Neela Rasgotra (Nagra), a British-Indian medical student who arrives in Chicago after finishing her undergraduate degree in biophysics and molecular biology at Yale. Samantha Taggart (Cardellini) is a nurse and spirited single mother determined to save lives in a place where nothing is taken for granted. Dr. Ray Barnett (West) has come aboard as a doctor who would sometimes rather be playing in his band than treating patients. He has a way with the ladies and a knack for making things go smoothly, most of the time.

“ER” is a production of Constant c Productions and Amblin Television in association with Warner Bros. Television.

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