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The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone, the hit series starring Anthony Michael Hall (“61*,” “The Pirates of Silicon Valley,” “Sixteen Candles”), launches its fourth season on USA Network Sunday, June 12 at 10:00 PM ET/PT. Based on characters from the Stephen King novel, the drama returns as one of basic cable’s top-rated series, its sustained success fueled by an outstanding cast, powerful storytelling and striking visual effects.

Produced by Lions Gate Television and CBS Paramount International Television in association with Piller and The Segan Company, The Dead Zone is a psychological thriller blending action, romance, the paranormal and a continuing quest for justice. In one of the most demanding roles on series television, Hall stars as Johnny Smith, a man injured in a near-fatal car crash, who emerges from a six-year-long coma with psychic powers that allow him to see into the past and future through visions triggered by touch.

Also starring in the ensemble cast are Nicole deBoer (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”) as Johnny’s former fianc�e, Sarah; Chris Bruno (“Another World”) as Sarah’s husband, sheriff Walt Bannerman; John L. Adams (“Pacific Blue”) as Johnny’s best friend, Bruce; and David Ogden Stiers (“Curse of the Jade Scorpion”) as Reverend Purdy, the executor of the Smith family trust.

Sean Patrick Flanery (“Dead Lawyers”) returns to reprise his role as Johnny’s archenemy, the unscrupulous young congressman Greg Stillson. Martin Donovan (“Traffic – The Miniseries”), Danny Masterson (“That ’70s Show”), Dedee Pfeiffer (“Cybill”), Jennifer Finnigan (“Committed”), Edward Asner (“Lou Grant”), Ben Foster (“Six Feet Under”) and Sarah Wynter (“24”) are among this season’s guest stars.

The Dead Zone was created for television by acclaimed executive producer Michael Piller (“Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “Star Trek: Voyager”) and his son, co-executive producer Shawn Piller (“Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Star Trek: Voyager”). Executive producers are Michael Piller, Lloyd Segan (“The Bachelor,” “Boondock Saints,” “Bones”) and Tommy Thompson (“Dark Angel,” “Quantum Leap”).

The Dead Zone is backed by an outstanding production team headed by executive producers Michael Piller, Lloyd Segan and Tommy Thompson. The series is produced by Robert Petrovicz. Shawn Piller is co-executive producer. Anthony Michael Hall is producer. Michael Taylor, Loren Segan and Christina Lynch are supervising producers; Kira Domaschuk is co-producer; Karl Schaefer is executive consultant; and Juan Carlos Coto is consulting producer. Eric A. Stillwell and Amber Woodward are associate producers.

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