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Vanity Fair’s Jane Sarkin: Cruise was “not hiding” Suri


katie-holmes-and-tom-cruise-in-gq.jpgVanity Fair’s editor, Jane Sarkin, revealed all the details of the Suri Cruise photo shoot with famed photographer Annie Liebowitz to The Early Show’s Rene Syler (Photo at left from GQ photo shoot). Sarkin answers the million dollar question? Why did Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise wait so long to release the picture of (now 4-month-old) Suri?  “The baby was born just as “Mission: Impossible III” was coming out. Tom was on this whirlwind press tour. He wanted to just get home, be with the baby, be with the children, his family and friends and they weren’t really hiding the baby. They just didn’t want to release the photo right away. They were always planning on it but then this whole controversy started, ‘Where is Suri? Why are they hiding her?’ They were not hiding anyone. In fact, they were always planning on releasing the picture.” Why didn’t the couple release a photo to quell the crazy rumors?

When all the controversy started, they just didn’t want to at that point,” Sarkin explains. “They wanted to just stay home, take care of their family and then, finally, I called and called and called and they said, ‘OK, can you come to Telluride next week?’ And we went and we were so excited to be there.” Katie opened up to Sarkin about how the rumors in the press have been hurtful. “Katie actually took me aside and said ‘I want to talk to you privately about how all the rumors in the press have really hurt me, hurt my family,’ Sarkin shares. “I just want to be happy. I just want to take care of my children. I’m planning a wedding. I’m so excited. I’m so in love with Tom. We’re so happy together,’ and the rumors really hurt her.” Sarkin reveals that the couple is very “hands-on” and has “very little help in the house.” During the five day shoot, Sarkin got to see the new-parents in action. “It was amazing to see the biggest movie star in the world trying to cuddle his little baby, feeding the baby, put the baby to sleep.” Check out this cute picture of Katie playing with Suri.

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