Heath Ledger ditches movie premiere for baby Matilda

Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger decided to put daddy duty over his career.

Heath LedgerHe is not attending the Sydney premiere of his newest Australian flick, Candy, because he will be staying home in Brooklyn, NY to watch his baby girl Matilda, Ireland Online reports. Girlfriend and fellow Brokeback Mountain co-star Michelle Williams is off filming her latest movie and, well, it is impossible to find a good nanny these days. The spokesperson for the distributor of the movie Candy released a statement saying, “We’ve been told he will be not attending due to commitments in the US. It is disappointing that Heath is not coming, but he’s never wavered in his support for this film.” Ledger recently sold his house in Australia, and many believe that this no-show is the actor’s way of distancing himself from the not-always-friendly Aussie media.Not sure if this is the way to patch things up, but at least Matilda gets to spend some quality time with daddy!


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