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The final 7: Adios Anwar

This week it’s the Magnificent Seven–but one goes home, so not everyone’s magnificent. A couple of the early favorites had better deliver this week or they’re on the next bus out of Idol-town.

Ryan tells us the theme this week is “70’s Dance Music”–which is a good genre for the finalists to prove who can get down and who can’t. There’s a lot of great music from the 70’s, but also some real disco-length dogs I could do without ever hearing again. For the finalists, the song selection is always key–and two words we better not be hearing this week are “Village” and People”, if you know what I’m saying. Of course, whoever gets voted off this week could always stay at the YMCA…

Constantine is up first this week, who picks “Nights on Broadway” and does a good job. Randy and Paula dig it, but Simon says the performance reminds him of being in a Spanish nightclub. That’s something we can all relate to, Simon. Constantine, who seems to have frosted his hair and is wearing eye makeup, just stares Simon down and offers up a “Thank you.”

Carrie comes out next, singing “MacArthur Park.” Carrie’s calling it “MacArthur’s Park” Does it really matter–’cause she rocks the house! Randy officially invites her into the Dog Pound, whatever that means, and Paula tells her: “Bravo, Bravo.” Simon thinks she sang well but thinks her styling is like “Barbie meets the Stepford Wives” and makes her look too old.

Performing next is Scott, who sings “Everlasting Love.” Randy thinks Scott always manages to pick the perfect song, and Paula thinks he had fun out there. Simon goes at Scott and tells him he thinks he’s “the ordinary guy” in the competition and that he wasn’t very excited by his performance. Scott looks bummed-out.

After Scott is Anthony, who sings “Don’t’ Take Away the Music.” Anthony looks looser than ever this week and has fun with the song–Randy gives him props and Paula thinks it’s his best week. Simon breaks up the party by saying he thinks it was “pleasant, safe, and a little insipid.” Wait ’till Anthony finds out what “insipid” means–he’s gonna be real mad!

Vonzell hits the stage looking glamorous and singing Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman.” She nails it–Randy thinks she “worked it,” Paula says: “Tonight you rocked,” and Simon gives his most favorable comment of the night by telling her she “got away with it” based on her personality.

Next comes Anwar, who sings Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “September.” This is another classic that’s hard to beat, but Anwar does OK. Randy thinks he has a lot of energy, Paula says he “threw caution to the wind,” but Simon says: “I don’t think it was a winning performance.”

Bo goes last, and sings “Vehicle.” This is definitely a good song choice for Bo, who impresses all three judges. Randy yells: “Bo Bice is back!” Paula says she’s got chills, and even Simon likes it and says it was the only authentic performance of the night.

On the Wednesday results show, Fox spares us the hour-long vamp-fest and crams it all into a half-hour. The first part of the show is a lengthy valentine to Ryan S. and shows him getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier in the day. Somehow, all this Ryan stuff makes the show feel like an hour anyways. After the hype, the finalists sing a group song and then get ready for the results. Bo is the only one who looks relaxed, and when the final three are announced, it’s Scott, Anthony, and Anwar. My watch now says 9:30 and we still don’t know who’s going home! Almost seeming like an afterthought–Ryan blurts out that Anwar is going home and immediately segues into the shortest tribute any finalist has ever had.

Next week should be the best week yet–’cause now we’re down to six. This gives the finalists a real chance to shine and show America a little more of themselves than in previous weeks, and I’m sure everyone’s gonna bring their “A” game.

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