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The final 8: Goodbye Nadia, part two

(Read part one here.)

Scotty the Body goes next and sings “She’s Gone”, also by Hall & Oates. Looks like Hall & Oates sure picked the right night to go see a taping of American Idol, that’s for sure! Scott does good, better on the high stuff than the low, but Hall & Oates don’t seem to care. Randy cares a little bit and points out that Scott was “pitchy” in a bunch of spots. Paula is blown away, but Simon says: “there were more bum notes than good notes…not very good.”

Carrie comes out next and sheds her country image to sing “Love is A Battlefield” from 1983. She does OK with this, but looks a little shaky and not quite like her usual self. Simon says she “reminds him of a kitten who wants to be a tiger”. Later on, we find out that Carrie was sick as a dog all Tuesday and while performing, which may cut her some slack.

Closing the show is Constantine, who blows the roof off with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” from 1975. The judges dig it, even Simon, who calls him “astonishing”. Simon looks like he wants to say something else, but they cut to commercial before he gets the chance. Oh, well.

On Wednesday’s results show, Ryan prepares us by telling us the outcome is shocking. What’s shocking is how Fox can stretch this thing out for an hour, as opposed to the usual half-hour. The bottom three are eventually announced: Bo, Scott, and Nadia–and each one is asked to help vamp by singing their favorite previously performed song. Finally, Ryan tells us that Nadia received the lowest amount of votes. Not a total surprise, but Nadia takes the news with class.

Next week’s shows should be good, especially if they pick an out-there theme to really challenge the finalists. Looks like Constantine and Vonzell are the front-runners now, but you never know. I’ll be watching.

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