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The final 8: Goodbye Nadia, part one

With 8 contestants left this week, a slip-up in choosing the wrong song can mean the end of the line. This week’s theme was a tricky one, songs from the year you were born, because most likely you were too young to actually remember hearing the song on the radio at the time. This means you have to pick a song that you might not be that familiar with and hope you can learn it top to bottom in a week. Good Luck, final eight!

First out of the blocks tonight is Nadia, who sings “When I Dream” from 1977. This song was performed way back in the day by some dude named Mac Davis. Apparently, nobody including the judges had ever heard this song before, either, and Nadia may have come to the end of the road by picking this number. Randy and Paula try to be nice and tell her she looks good, but Simon scolds her for picking this song and tells her she deserves to be sent home. Now everyone feels bad for Nadia, who is truly talented.

Next up is Bo, who sings “Free Bird” from 1975. This song is a classic, and shouldn’t be attempted without Bic lighters for the audience, but Bo does a good job. Randy likes it, Paula tells Bo: “I’ll see you in the finals.” but Simon comes down hard again, telling him that he runs around the stage too much and nobody wants to see it.

Anwar is next, who looks stylish and sings “I’ll Never Love This Way Again.” Is it just me, or does Anwar seem to do a Dionne Warwick song every week? He pulls it off, smooth as always, and the judges like it, even Simon, who says: “I think…one of your better performances.”

Anthony is next, singing “Everytime You Go Away” from 1985. Apparently, this song was written by Hall & Oates, who surprise everyone by turning up in the front row of the audience. The judges like his singing…even Simon.

Up next is Vonzell, who sings “Let’s Hear It For the Boy” from 1984. She nails it, and the judges agree. Paula and Randy eat it up, and Simon says: “I think you’ll stay and Nadia will go”. Give Nadia a break, Simon, we’ve still got a few finalists to hear from yet.(Continued…)

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