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The final 9: The dudes continue to hang on – or do they? Part two

(Read part one here.)

Next is Anthony Federov, who sings “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music. This feels like an odd song choice for Anthony — is he aware this song is usually sung by a nun? Anyhow, he launches into it and gives a shaky performance. Randy says: “I didn’t like that — sharp and flat all over the place.” Paula counters by saying: “I like what you did with that…” But Simon hisses: “Hideous…everything about it was horrible.” Simon seems to doom this guy week after week but he still manages to stick around. I’m curious to see if his luck runs out here.

After Anthony, Nikko Smith comes out wearing a fly fedora and sings “One Hand, One Heart” from West Side Story. Randy complements Nikko on keeping his version contemporary, and Paula calls him “The Comeback Kid.” But Simon brings him back down to earth by pointing out: “The first part of the song was out of tune…” Nothing gets by him.

Moving on, Anwar Robinson sings “If Ever I Would Leave You” from Camelot. Randy says he still one of the best singers, and Paula repeats this by saying he’s “technically the best singer on the stage.” Simon doesn’t seem to know what to say about Anwar, finally arriving at: “You seem very comfortable.” Seems like Simon is avoiding saying what he really thinks, possibly for the first time ever in his life.

Rocker Bo Bice sings “Corner of the Sky” from Pippin. Didn’t everyone have to sing this song at least once in high school? If so, why would you want to do it now? Anyway, Bo picked it and sings it with gusto. Randy says: “Once again constantly great.” Paula says: “You are a winner,” but Simon keeps it real by saying that he thinks Bo’s had two bad weeks in a row. Looks like Bo’s gonna have to seriously turn it up next week and whip out the ‘Zeppelin if he wants to make it into the home stretch.

Last but not least is Nadia Turner, who sings “As Long As He Needs Me” from Oliver. Not familiar with this song — is it from that movie with the dogs? That Billy Joel dog really cracks me up… No, wait, I think that was Oliver & Company. Oops. Anyway, she does a great job with a real sexy version. Randy says: “Great performance,” Paula adds: “Absolutely beautiful,” and even Simon admits: “The strongest you’ve been.”

On Wednesday’s results show, there are a few surprises again. Scott, Nikko and Vonzell are in the bottom three. I was definitely surprised that Vonzell would be up there — maybe everyone she was safe and voted for someone else. That the only thing I can figure. Anyway, after Fantasia Barrino does a guest appearance and sings her single, we find out the finalist going home is: Nikko. Wow — I’m having deja-vu again. That’s too bad, because Nikko did a good job of representing R&B. I guess the other contestants are going to have to step up and cover it for us in his place. What do you want to bet the theme next week is R&B? That should make it real interesting, if it is.

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