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The final 10: Jessica’s gone. Will Nadia be next? Part two

(Read part one here)

Anthony Federov hit the stage next — losing his Harry Potter glasses and singing “Something About the Way You Look Tonight” by Elton John. Not sure if this was the best song to sing out of everything recorded in the 90s, but Anthony put his heart into it. Randy liked it, Paula said: “great job,” but Simon said that “there were parts that were excruciating…” When Paula asked which parts, Simon said: “The beginning, the middle, and the end…”

Carrie Underwood was up next, and can seemingly do no wrong, especially when it’s country. She sang Martina McBride’s “Independence Day,” and was so good I felt like I was at the County Fair. Randy said it was the best vocal of the night, and Paula said; “I love it when you sing country.” Simon said she has the “it” factor, and it shows.

Scott Savol sang “One Last Cry” by Brian McKnight. Randy said he was pretty pitchy, but Paula said she was “vibe-ing it” and that he got her heart. Simon said if he was in a Karaoke bar and heard him sing, he would have switched the microphone off. But tell us how you really feel, Simon.

Last to sing was Vonzell Solomon, who blew the roof off with Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” Randy said she was the bomb, Paula agrees, and Simon said that she “pulled it off.” She definitely helped herself out by doing such a good job this week, in my opinion.

On Wednesday’s results show, there were a few surprises again. The biggest surprise was that Nadia was in the bottom three again. I think this was totally undeserving, especially after her performance this week. She wound up in the bottom three along with Jessica and Anwar. Anwar looked so nervous but I think that comment from Simon about Jessica not being “likable” was the thing that ultimately did her in. She was voted off, even though she’s definitely got one of the strongest voices of any of the finalists. Sorry Jessica.

Next week: Next week should be an eye-opener, and several of the finalists are definitely in the hot seat, if you ask me. Scott, Anwar and Anthony really need to deliver, and Nadia never seems to be far away from being sent home.

See you next week.

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