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The final 12: Goodbye Lindsey

The finals started this week on American Idol, so from here in it gets really intense– take it from me. The pressure is totally on as the producers decide on a genre, and then you have to pick the perfect song to show America who you really are. Song choice is major, and the wrong one can mean the end of the road. The 60s genre isn’t as easy as some people think it is.

Jessica Sierra started off the finals by singing “Shop Around.” Randy and Paula liked it, but Simon thought it was boring. Next, Anwar Robinson sang “A House Is Not a Home.” Randy and Paula thought he did great — so did Simon, but he also wanted him do something fun next time. Mikalah Gordon sang “Son of a Preacher Man.” Paula and Randy both thought she was pretty rough, and Simon told her she bit off more than she could chew. Next up, Constantine Maroulis sang “You Make Me So Very Happy.” All three judges dug it and Simon called him a “smoldering idol.” Then, Lindsey Cardinale sang “Knock on Wood.” All the judges were pretty bored and Simon told her America probably turned the sound off on their TVs.

After Lindsey, Anthony Federov sang “Breaking Up is Hard to Do,” and the judges were bored again. Next, Nadia Turner sang “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me,” slowing it down a bit. All the judges thought she was “on.” Bo Bice sang “Spinning Wheel” and tore it up. Vonzell Solomon sang “Anyone Who Had A Heart.” Paula and Randy thought she was cool, but Simon told her she’d she be out in five weeks. Scott Savol sang “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” and pumped up both the crowd and the judges. Carrie Underwood sang “When Will I Be Loved.” All the judges agreed that it was boring, but the girl can sing. Last but not least, Nikko Smith (who returned to the show last week after Mario Vazquez left the show for personal reasons) sang “I Want You Back” and showed everyone why he deserved to be back in the competition after Mario dropped out.

On Wednesday, for the results show, Lindsey, Mikalah, and Jessica were announced as the bottom three vote-getters. It seemed to be a toss up between Lindsey and Mikalah, but Lindsey was the one who had to leave. At this stage of the competition, you really have to admit that all the finalists are talented and deserve props for how far they’ve come, even if they get the lowest number of votes.

Next week: Next week should be real interesting — if they do the 70s I think Bo and Constantine are gonna blow the roof off.

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