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Episode 8: Ego gets you nowhere, part one

Episode 8 opened with everyone guessing (hoping) Audrey would be fired. This time she was! Chris happily greeted his “big brother” John back to the house and Net Worth seemed more energized and united than ever before, too bad it was time for them to break up!

The next morning the phone call came, and Trump’s assistant instructed the teams to report to the boardroom at 8 am with pre-selected Project Managers. Also, the selected PMs had to be PM virgins.

On team Magna, only Kendra was left, so she assumed the position. On Net Worth, both Craig and Chris were eligible, but Chris won out.

The teams entered the boardroom where Trump gave a speech about how they had been there for seven weeks (yeah, right) at that point, and the teams were tied. At that point he felt it was obvious that is was not whether you were street smart or book smart, you just needed to be smart in general. Blah, blah, blah, it was time for a corporate restructuring. Like we didn’t see that coming!

Trump then had Kendra select two discards to send to the other team. She chose Stephanie and Erin. I understood Stephanie, but Erin surprised me. Then I realized it might be a strategic way of protecting herself in case her team lost, since Trump has a good rapport with Erin.

On Net Worth, Chris got rid of Tana, and Craig, while John seemed to shake his head in disgust.

After the adjustments were made, Trump went on to announce the next task, which was to produce an 11 minute live music charity auction for FUSE TV to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Each team was to meet with five musicians and negotiate a personal experience with each that would be auctioned off over the internet. The team that raised the most money would win. Stephanie was exempt this week, because her team had won the week before.

For Net Worth, the list of musicians included Barenaked Ladies, New Found Glory, Simple Plan, Fat Joe and Gene Simmons. Chris delegated the musician meetings and negotiations to Erin, John and Stephanie, while he and Angie worked on the production.

Magna was assigned an equally impressive list of artists including Moby, Lil Kim, Lil John, Eve and Jadakiss. Kendra took Tana and Craig along for the first musician meeting, while Alex and Bren worked on the timeline and theme of the production.


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