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Finale: Fantastic finish, part two

(Read part one of this article here.

Arriving at the lookout point in Hawaii, Freddy & Kendra opened their clue and discovered a Detour. The teams had to choose between Outrigger and Outfit. In Outrigger, Teams had to paddle an outrigger canoe down a course over two miles long. In Outfit, Teams had to search racks filled with 165,000 articles of clothing for ones matching the outfit on a mannequin. Freddy & Kendra chose to complete the outrigger task while Kris & Jon completed the outfit task ahead of Freddy & Kendra. Opening their next clue, Kris & Jon discovered they had to drive five miles to Kamaka Air for the next Route Marker.

While Adam & Rebecca were completing the Detour, Kris & Jon arrived at Kamaka Air and opened their next clue to find out they had encountered a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one Team member must skydive 11,000 feet in tandem with an instructor. They would land in the water and receive their next clue. All three men on the Teams opted to complete the task. Upon completing his jump, Jon opened their next clue and learned they were to travel back to Chicago, Illinois. Once there, they had to travel by train to the Water Tower, one of the few buildings to survive the Great Chicago Fire.

With Freddy & Kendra close behind, Kris & Jon booked their flight on American Airlines, landing in Chicago at 5:43 am, after being told it was the fastest one. However, Freddy & Kendra discovered a flight on United Airlines that would get into Chicago at 5:15 am. Unfortunately, Adam & Rebecca failed to catch-up with the other Teams, so they opted to catch a much later flight to Chicago.

Arriving in Chicago, Freddy & Kendra took the train into the city, with Kris & Jon closing the gap when their plane landed 15 minutes early. Opening their clue at the Water Tower, Freddy & Kendra learned they had to travel to Gino’s East Pizzeria to eat a deep-dish pizza. Eating their pizza, Kendra soon became full and didn’t respond well to Freddy’s encouragement, telling him to “zip it.” After Freddy told her “it’s a one-million-dollar piece of pizza,” Kendra forced the last piece in her mouth thus awarding them their last clue that instructed them to travel to Ping Tom Memorial Park, where the finish line awaited.

While Kris & Jon began stuffing pizza in their mouths in an effort to catch up with the leading Team, Freddy & Kendra stood outside the pizzeria trying to flag down a taxi. Unfortunately, their lead began to diminish as the cab driver they flagged down didn’t know where Ping Tom Park was located. Eventually, Freddy & Kendra were able to find a taxi, but still had difficulty locating Ping Tom Park. Finishing their pizza, Kris & Jon made their way to the park.

In a mad race to the finish line, Freddy & Kendra ran hand-in-hand to the mat where Phil Keoghan waited to announce them the winners of the Amazing Race. Being held-up by a passing train, Kris & Jon graciously accepted second place honors. Arriving in last place was a happy and satisfied Adam & Rebecca.

Congratulations to Freddy & Kendra. They played a hard game, maintained their cool and ran away victorious.

I look forward to the next season of the Amazing Race where a couple from Survivor Boston Rob Mariano and millionaire Amber Brkich will be racing around the world with 11 other Teams.

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