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Finale: Fantastic finish, part one

It took racing through 24 cities and traveling to four continents totaling over 40,000 miles for Freddy & Kendra to cross the finish line in Chicago capturing the million dollar prize in the Amazing Race 6. One half of the “model alliance” made their way to the end with poise and eagerness while the other half of their alliance (Hayden & Aaron) failed to complete a critical task thus getting them eliminated.

Now to the final leg of the Race…

Leaving Shanghai, China in first place Hayden & Aaron opened their clue to discover they must travel 800 miles by train to Xi’an, China. From there, Teams must take a taxi to the Drum Tower to find their next clue. While Hayden & Aaron, Freddy & Kendra and Kris & Jon waited at the train station, Adam & Rebecca, who were not eliminated in the last round, but had to forfeit all their cash, started panhandling in the streets to earn enough money for a ticket. The good news was that the begging paid off as they were able to collect $180.

At 8 the next morning, the Teams hurried up the steps of the Drum Tower to get their next clue and discovered a Detour. In this Detour, the Teams had to choose between Spray and Scroll. All four Teams opted to Spray where they had to travel 34 miles to a car factory, don uniforms and spray the entire shell of a local car. Moving from last place to first place, Adam & Rebecca arrived at the car factory first, donned on the uniforms and started spraying. Freddy & Kendra got stuck in traffic while Hayden & Aaron’s driver took them through a longer route.

Finishing the spraying, Adam & Rebecca opened their clue which instructed them to travel 40 miles to the Terracotta Warriors Museum of an army made of clay nearly 7,000 figures strong. Teams would find their next clue somewhere in the museum. Arriving at the museum, Kris & Jon were able to catch up with Adam & Rebecca. However, Adam & Rebecca found the clue box first. Trying not to let Kris & Jon know where the clue box was located, Adam & Rebecca opened their next clue outside of the museum. Opening the clue they discovered they must travel 70 miles to the north peak of Mount Hua for the next Route Marker.

With three Teams en route to Mount Hua, Hayden & Aaron, now in last place, realized that their cab driver didn’t know the museum’s location. After locating the clue box in the museum, Hayden & Aaron opted to use the same taxi driver. Unfortunately, the same driver got them lost again trying to locate Mount Hua. This put them further in last place. Arriving at Mount Hua, Adam & Rebecca and Kris & Jon shared the same shuttle to the top of the mount. However, Freddy & Kendra quickly nabbed first place as Adam & Rebecca and Kris & Jon ran to the wrong peak.

Reading the clue, the Teams discovered a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one Team member had to take the unique key given in their clue and find the specific lock that it opened, out of 3,000 locks. Teams must complete the task before the last gondola departed at 7 pm. Searching the locks, Kendra, Kris & Rebecca worked frantically to unlock them. While the three Teams worked on the locks, Hayden & Aaron encountered language barriers in trying to find the correct shuttle. Keeping a cool head, Kris was the first to open a lock thus awarding them their next clue which instructed them to travel back to Xi’an by bus and locate the South Gate of Xi’an City Wall, the Pit Stop for this leg. Finally arriving to the Peak of Mount Hua, Hayden began trying the key in the locks. As Kendra finally found the correct lock and received their next clue, Hayden and Rebecca’s frustration mounted as they continued trying the locks.

Arriving at South Gate of Xi’an City Wall, Kris & Jon stepped onto the mat in first place. Trying to maintain her composure, Rebecca continued trying locks while Hayden’s frustration got the best of her and Aaron. With bleeding fingers, Hayden & Aaron decided to quit the game. Upon making the decision, Rebecca suddenly opens the correct lock thus sealing Hayden & Aaron’s fate. Hayden & Aaron became the next Team eliminated from the Amazing Race. In the end, Hayden & Aaron lost the Race, but upon their elimination, Aaron kneeled down and proposed to Hayden. A wonderful conclusion to a fantastic race.

Departing the Pit Stop in first place, Kris & Jon opened their clue to learn they had to fly over 5,600 miles to Honolulu, Hawaii. Once there, they must drive to Puu Ualakaa State Park and find the next Route Marker at a lookout point. Booking the earliest flights leaving China, Freddy & Kendra captured first place just 15 minutes ahead of Kris & Jon. Adam & Rebecca had to settle on arriving into Hawaii 1 1/2 hours later than Kris & Jon.

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