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Round 1: Vegas baby! Part two

(Read part one here.)

You’re how old?
Simon didn’t like the looks of Joseph Land from the moment he saw him. The problem – he’s too old. Land insisted he was 28. Simon tried to trip him up with several questions. Land then sang badly, and Simon said that he is 44-years-old and knows that Land is older than him. Land finally admitted he is the same age, and past the age limit for contestants.

Runs in the family
Before Desi Yazzie performs, we see a clip of a previous AI audition when his brother Dino Yazzie got the boot. Simon said “How do you think you did?” “Terrible” was his reply. The judges were pretty edgy and started snapping at each other. Paula accused Randy of being rude and tells Simon to “Shut up!” Simon leaves for a break.

Waste of time
When Simon returns from his break, he plants a big kiss on Paula. She laughs and softens a bit. Then they sit back for Sarah Woodall’s rendition of “Viva Las Vegas.” Simon told her she just auditioned to get on TV. She basically agreed, and Simon said it was a complete waste of time. In a post-audition interview, Woodall said she got all her words right and thought she did a pretty good job anyway.

Flustered, Simon?
Sharon Galvez, a cocktail waitress, seemed to shake Simon up a bit when she entered the room. Admiring her beauty, Simon has a Freudian slip and says “What do you want to drink?” instead of sing. She sang “I’m Saving All My Love For You.” Randy said “You brought it on!” Paula said “You owned it.” And Simon said “Wow.”

Musical Theatre
Matthew Falber entertained the judges with his comical rendition of a song from “The Lion King.” He demonstrates different voices and is pretty good, but the judges say he’s not right for AI competition. “You’re an entertainer,” said Paula. “You need to figure out what you want.” Loggins advised him to “head for musical theatre.”

Ending two careers at once
Bobie May told the judges she is a psychic. Simon asks how she does in the competition. She predicts she will be in the top ten. Then she sings a horrendously off-key version of Elvis Presley’s “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.” Simon said, “You didn’t sing a note in tune.” Loggins said, “you’ve ended two careers at once.”

Homemaker ready for fame
“We have to have you.” That’s what Paula said after hearing 27-year-old Jennifer Todd sing “Ain’t Got You.” Todd, a homemaker, had worried that her weight might keep her from getting a ticket to Hollywood. But her voice is golden. Simon said “You’re a good singer.”

On the road to Hollywood
Mario Vazquez seemed pretty nervous when he took the stage, but his voice won the judges’ appreciation. “One of the best we’ve had in this competition,” said Simon. The others agreed.

Next stop – Cleveland, Ohio with guest judge L. L. Cool Jay.

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