Round 1: St. Louis, part two

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Bring your own fan club
One guy was so cocky that he brought his own fan club — friends and family carrying banners and signs. He tells the judges he is the complete package. He says he’s a former TV reporter and former cruise ship singer. His voice is okay when he sings “My Girl,” but Simon dubs him a “cruise ship singer.” This causes Joe Schoen to blow his cool and argue Simon down. He argues to the point that Simon calls him “obnoxious.” Joe counters by saying they need to give him another chance and send him to Hollywood. Randy speaks up saying “you’re not good enough.” A surprised Joe has to face his fan club with the news.

Wrong song
When Justin Smith launches into a bad round of “Proud Mary,” Simon says “what is it with this song?” This leads to a montage of dozens of terrible singers belting out “Proud Mary.”

Points for originality
16-year-old Aa’shia (Asia) Jackson hit the door singing her own original rap. This was a fabulous way to enter. The judges hear you singing before you even begin your audition song. She then sang “I’ll Be There,” which Simon said she sounded like she inhaled helium. When the voting came, Randy said yes. Simon said “categorically NO!” which Paula countered with “categorically YES!” So, little Aa’shia is going to Hollywood, along with a mama who sounded like she was ready to fight when she talked about Aa’shia becoming the biggest AI star of all.

Spitting Coke
When Maurice Thomas sings “Can We Talk?” it’s all the judges can do to keep a straight face. When they tell him no, he walks slowly, stunned to the door. Then he turns back and says, “I know I can sing. My family says I sound like Brian McKnight.” Paula, who is taking a sip of Coke at the time, spews it over the table. They ask him to sing a McKnight song again — same horrible voice. The answer is no, Maurice. Believe it.

Rising country star?
Carrie Underwood looks like a wholesome All-American girl, and she has a wholesome voice to go with it. She lives on an Oklahoma farm and wowed the judges with “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Simon told her she was good and said he wondered when they would see a good country singer in the competition. She said she really likes Martina McBride.

Dirk and Adam
A budding friendship and hopes of going to Hollywood. Well, at least they have a friendship. The two met in line for AI at St. Louis. Adam had a lot of confidence and thought with his personality and singing skills, he was a perfect match for AI. The judges shocked him with a quick no. Meanwhile, Dirk told the judges he is obsessed with the TV show “Baywatch” and he tried to sing “Current of Love,” by David Hasselhoff. Simon questioned whether he was auditioning as a joke. But Dirk said he was dead serious.

Coming up next Tuesday
The AI judges head to New Orleans where they’ll be joined by Gene Simmons of KISS.


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