Round 1: St. Louis, part one

Sep 28, 2007 at 9:29 p.m. ET

The judges land in St. Louis for round two of American Idol 4. And like Washington, DC, this town is also filled with people who strangely enough really believe they can sing. Then Simon tells them the truth, and they begin spewing tears and obscenities. But there are a few good voices, and in the end, St. Louis produces 32 hopefuls who are Hollywood bound.

Here's look at some of the singers who got some TV time, even though for some, it will probably be the last time they'll ever sing in public. No guest judge in St. Louis -- just Randy, Paula and Simon calling the shots.

Triple trouble
The Maynard triplets -- three chubby blondes in matching pink dresses belt out a pretty good rendition of "It's Raining Men." Then Simon rains on their parade by saying they look like three overweight Jessica Simpsons. The judges also tell them they could only put through one. They pick the center sister -- Erin, and dismiss the other two. Then, they break Erin's heart and tell her she doesn't have what it takes. Outside the other two are crying because Simon said they were "fat."

Cannibal singer
Simon told Katrina Reece her audition "was not going well," and that was even before she started singing. She said she had tasted human flesh, that her parents had a "panic room," and that she spent her days working in a call center talking with mentally ill patients. She had a pretty good voice, but Paula said she didn't think she would make it past the other contenders, so they didn't invite her to Hollywood. Simon suggested she meet the triplets, that maybe they could help each other.

Son of an All-Star
Osborne Smith II, sporting a great hat, now has a yellow ticket to Hollywood after singing Stevie Wonder's "All I Do." He's the son of Baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith. You know, the people who have sung Stevie Wonder's songs are making it to Hollywood. Maybe they'll have Stevie as a guest judge -- just a thought.

Music teacher and student
Music teacher Angel Higgs gets the nod to move ahead with her rendition of "Ain't Nobody." But Simon told her she looks too old for the competition. His comment was right on the money. She'll have to work to update her clothes and hair to look young and hip, but Randy and Paula felt like her voice was strong enough to keep competing. Her student, however, did not make it. Jeremy Wakefield had a pretty good voice, but just didn't wow the judges. Angel cried like a baby in the hallway when she found out.

Way over the rainbow
Jessica Pontius had a lot of confidence going into the audition room. In an interview, she said she was confident, she had the look and she had the voice. She was very sure that she'd be getting a ticket to Hollywood. Then she started singing. A truly awful performance of "Over the Rainbow." Paula suggested she could get work doing voice overs for "Rugrats."(Continued...)

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