Fat the norm by 2015

Projections say more than half of America will be overweight by 2015.

by Caroline Gutierrez Researchers are predicting that today’s fat will be tomorrow’s normal by the year 2015 if American keeps gaining weight at the rate we are now. Projections find that 75 percent will be overweight, and 41 percent morbidly obese. “Obesity is a public health crisis. If the rate of obesity and overweight continues at this pace, by 2015, 75 per cent of adults and nearly 24 per cent of US children and adolescents will be overweight or obese,” Dr. Youfa Wang, the leader of the study. Studies showed that 66 percent of American adults and 16 percent of children were obese in the years 2003 and 2004. Get thee to the gym!


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